What to do if I am facing problem to upload my vision prescription?

No need to be worried you can complete your order with options like “frame only/call me for prescription” then our representative will contact back for further details.

I am not sure which type of prescription glasses best fit for my usage.

you don’t need to be worried, we can understand there are varieties of prescription glasses which can confuse you and you need expert’s opinion at that point. You need to proceed your order with “frame only” and select option “call me for prescription “. Our expert will contact you back and will guide you for the appropriate selection as per your need and will complete your order.

What to do if I am not comfortable with my prescription glasses.

Our qualified team checks prescription glasses 3 times in 3 different steps during processing your order to make sure you will not face any inconvenience. If you face any issue just contact us mention your order number our representative will guide you for back shipment and replacement of your glasses without any additional charges if it’s not as per your ordered prescription.

I received contact lenses with wrong power/color shades mentioned on its packing.

Don’t open the sealed packing of contact lenses vial/blister and contact us, we will replace as per your order.

What to do if I receive my order in broken or damaged glasses.

We use hard casing for our products safety and our shipping partner is also following international standards of shipping safety. Even then if something happened wrong during shipment process and you receive damaged product then we are responsible for that and what you have to do just inform us immediately on our contact number and our team will guide you on the spot how to handle this issue. We will provide you replacement exactly as per your original order.

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